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New to Surcharging? The guide answers many common questions.

Will I lose customers? How much can I make? How does SurchX make money? What data do you have about conversion rates?


Stay 100% Compliant with all US Credit Card Rules And Regulations.

There is no need for you to monitor the 60+ rules & regulations of surcharging, we do it for you.


How Do I Get Started! Well, we thought you would never ask.

We enable merchants to start surcharging with zero start-up costs & no out-of-pocket expenses!


SurchX, The Leader In Surcharging!

From the founder of LifeLock—the company that millions of people trust to protect themselves from identity theft—comes SurchX!

SurchX helps you keep more money in your business by passing credit card transaction fees on to your consumers, this is called 'Surcharging'.

SurchX is not a merchant processor, it is a Free & Simple integration with your existing eCommerce cart software that keeps you 100% compliant with all 60+ surcharging rules and regulations.


How do we offer it for free?


We add up to .5% to the transaction, if allowed. Your customer pays that. It is collected with the surcharge.

 Some customers will use credit cards that cost you more than the 4% limit you can legally collect as a surcharge, when that happens, we don’t charge you anything. Not one penny.

With Surcharging you can increase your net profits up to 30%

What's Covered in The Surcharging Guide

In this Surcharging Guide you will get answers to: 

  • Understanding what Surcharging is,
  • How Surcharging could benefit your company,
  • Why you don’t have to worry about losing customers,
  • Some of the rules and regulation of Surcharging,
  • How SurchX can keep you 100% compliant while increasing your net profit up to 30%*

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The SurchX Surcharging Solution

  • Works With Your Existing eCommerce Cart & Processor
  • Keeps You 100% Compliant With All USA Credit Card Regulations
  • Recovers 100% of Credit Card Processing Fees Allowed By Law
  • Zero Start-Up Costs & No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses!