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SurchX, The Leader In Surcharging!

From Robert Maynard the founder of LifeLock (the company that millions of people trust to protect them from identity theft) comes SurchX!


SurchX helps you keep more money in your business by passing the credit card transaction fees on to your consumers, this is called 'Surcharging'.


SurchX is not a merchant processor, it is a Free & Simple integration with your existing eCommerce cart software that keeps you 100% compliant with all 60+ surcharging rules and regulations.


How do we offer it for free?




We add up to .5% to the transaction, if allowed. Your customer pays that. It is collected with the surcharge.


Some customers will use credit cards that cost you more than the 4% limit you can legally collect as a surcharge, when that happens, we don’t charge you anything. Not one penny.


With Surcharging you can increase your net profits up to 30%


You May Be Thinking...


"I'm Afraid of Losing Customers!"

We understand this concern, which is why we continually test. On the most recent real-world study we did involving 1200 transaction, conversion impact was only 0.12% (6 total units). They decided to use a different payment option. Overall there was a 3,000% ROI.


"Is Surcharging Legal?"

Absolutely! Surcharging became legal pursuant a class action settlement in January 2013. 


In general, a merchant can recover via surcharge the costs of credit card processing fees up to 4% of the gross charge, including taxes, shipping, and the surcharge itself.  The laws are more complicated for debit, international, and prepaid cards.  The most Important element to keep in mind is that in the United States a merchant may not recover more than they are actually charged on any given transaction.


"Why Can't I Do this Myself?"

Some merchants try to collect a simple average of their total merchant costs across their universe of charges.  But, in so doing they are instantly out of compliance on the lower half of the spectrum and are out of compliance with debit cards and some jurisdictions where surcharging is not allowed.


Your business can’t logistically engineer and maintain software and be accurate enough to remain in compliance.  Keep in mind the actual charges levied by the issuers and interchanges are not finalized until after  the transaction is completed. That is where a third party comes in. At SurchX, we get very close on the initial collection and then we analyze each transaction after it is posted by the processor.  Any over, or under, collection is recovered from, or paid to the merchant on each transaction, as known.  This maintains the merchant’s compliance.


"I Have Additional Questions..."

We would be surprised if you didn't. Surcharging can be a complicated discussion. Download our Surcharging Guide now for answers to the most important questions. 



Robert Maynard


A successful serial entrepreneur, Robert founded several companies that created more than $6B in market value including LifeLock and Internet America.


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Chief Revenue Officer

A pioneer in the B2B sales industry. He has created and led teams that have created billions of dollars in B2B and B2E sales and four exits. The most prominent are: CBS MartketWatch and YuMe.